A contested divorce can become very complex and very emotional. When you or your spouse are in the process of getting divorced and you cannot agree on the essential terms and conditions of a divorce, you need an experienced lawyer to listen to you, understand your concerns, understand your spouse’s concerns, guide you, fight for your legal rights and protect you, your children, income, assets and property from a disagreeable, unreasonable spouse. I will do my best to help you come to a legally agreeable divorce or other family resolution, whether it is child custody, child support, an order of protection, division of marital assets, spousal support or any other related issue. If you and your spouse cannot come to a mutually agreeable solution then we will proceed to hearings and trial in the appropriate Supreme Court or Family Court and present a strong, intelligent and clear legal case focused on achieving a fair, just and equitable solution. 

     Some thoughts for your consideration: 

       Do not be greedy. Do not seek to take unfair advantage of your spouse. Do not seek to harm your spouse. Do not seek to obtain what the law and our judges will not allow. 
       If you seek more than what is fair, just and equitable, you can expect that your spouse will do the same. If you seek to take unfair advantage of your spouse, you can expect the same in return. If you seek to “take or get” when the circumstances, facts and the law are clear that you should “give”, you will prolong your divorce or matrimonial proceeding and it will cost you more in attorney fees and emotional costs. 
       If you seek justice and fairness you will have a better chance of achieving it. If you seek to retaliate against your spouse, you will probably create hostility that will last long after the divorce.

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Contested New York Divorce

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