If you or your spouse or both of you own, have title to or have a legal or equitable interest in substantial income, assets, property, licenses, pensions, deferred compensation, businesses, stocks, bonds, real estate, professional practices, trusts, your divorce may become more complex. 
    Because the division of assets and property in a New York divorce is based upon the principle of equitable distribution, you will be served well by hiring an attorney who understand the financial aspects of your individual and marital net worth. Jerold Slate, attorney and counselor at law, is an honored graduate of New York University School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance with a Bachelors of Science degree in economics and is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School with a Juris Doctor degree and a graduate of Boston University School of Law with a Master of Laws degree in Taxation. With Mr. Slate’s education background and over 40 years of experience as a lawyer and having served as an attorney in the Corporation Counsel’s Office of the City of Mount Vernon New York and as a New York State Assistant Attorney General you will feel confident that when you hire Jerold Slate as your lawyer he will help provide you with understanding and legal knowledge to obtain the right financial resolution for your divorce. High net worth divorces can be very complicated. When it is necessary we may need to hire accountants, pension experts, business appraisers or real estate appraisers. We will become part of a team, focused on obtaining the right and best financial resolution for you either by negotiated settlement with your spouse or by trial before a judge in State Supreme Court. 
    Please be assured that, at the Law Office of Jerold S. Slate we will focus on resolving the financial aspects of your divorce, as well as all other aspects of your divorce, in an efficient and financially prudent manner. We hope that your spouse and the attorney for your spouse will have a similar focus. 

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High Net Worth Divorce Cases