The terms “maintenance,” “spousal support” and “alimony” are essentially the same terms that need to be considered as part of every New York divorce or separation of spouses. Divorcing or separating spouses can voluntarily agree to periodic payments of money to help support the spouse with lesser financial or earning capacity. If the parties cannot agree then a judge can order that one party pay the other party “spousal support.” There is no fixed amount of permanent spousal support that must be paid and there is no automatic right to receive permanent “spousal support.” The determination as to whether or not a spouse involved in a New York divorce or separation will receive “spousal support” depends on the discretion and judgment of the judge who will consider several factors before deciding whether or not to award spousal support. 

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    Factors Considered By The Judge Determining Spousal Support: 

• The earning capacity of each spouse
• The incomes and assets of each spouse
• The length of the marriage
• The age of each spouse
• The health and medical concerns of each spouse
• The sources of each spouse’s income
• The debts of each spouse
• The work and employment record of each spouse
• The standard of living maintained by the spouses before a 
  divorce or separation
• The unique or special needs of each spouse
• All other relevant considerations 

    SeeTemporary Maintenance Paid To Spouse
            (Pendente Lite Relief)

Maintenance, Spousal Support and Alimony