When a custodial parent decides to relocate for employment reasons, a new marriage, to be with family or any other reason, it may cause visitation problems for the non-custodial parent if the new residence of the custodial parent is a greater distance from the non-custodial parent’s residence than the distance of the current custodial parent’s residence or will create a visitation or travel hardship for the non-custodial parent. 

    Consult With A Lawyer

    If you are concerned about a relocation situation it would be beneficial for you to consult with a lawyer. You can call the Law Office of Jerold S. Slate at (845) 471-4141 to arrange for a personal and confidential consultation. Mr. Slate has experience in helping a custodial parent make a relocation move and also preventing a custodial parent from making a relocation move that would create significant problems or a hardship for the non-custodial parent regarding child visitation. A guiding principle that will be considered by the judge who decides whether or not to allow the relocation move is “what is in the best interest of the child.” 

Relocation of Custodial Parent