Visitation rights of parents involved in a divorce or a child custody dispute is directly linked to the issues involving child custody.

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    As an experienced lawyer concerned with New York divorce law and child custody law I can help you resolve your particular concerns about custody and visitation of your children. You can call the Law Office of Jerold S. Slate at (845) 471-4141 to schedule a personal and confidential consultation if you have issues concerning:

Your custody and visitation rights as a parent.
The non custodial parent trying to change custody or visitation.
The custodial or non custodial parent causing problems for your son or daughter or interfering with the terms and conditions of custody or visitation.
The safety or well being of your son or daughter because of the custodial or non custodial parent.
Grandparents causing problems or raising issues concerning visitation with your son or daughter.

Visitation of Children