The custody of children is part of the divorce process in New York. Generally, when both parents can agree to the terms of child custody and visitation and can cooperate with each other about continuing to care for and raise their children, the children and their parents do better. However, it is not unusual for divorcing spouses to argue over whether they will agree to sole custody with one parent, joint custody with both parents having essentially equal decision making authority about their children’s major concerns, and the terms of visiting with the child, e.g. during the week, weekends, summertime and holidays. Often, lawyers and judges are needed to help resolve these matters.

    Consult With A Lawyer

    As an experienced lawyer that has helped resolve many child custody disputes, Jerold Slate can help you resolve child custody and visitation disputes that you may incur. You can call the Law Office of Jerold S. Slate at (845) 471-4141 to arrange for a personal and confidential consultation. The legal principle for deciding custody and visitation disputes in New York is “what is in the best interests of the child.” Each family situation has its own unique circumstances. 

    If one parent has legal custody then that parent would generally have sole decision making authority concerning matters pertaining to the child’s education, medical concerns, religion and lifestyle. These concerns can be modified to accommodate each family situation. Legal custody can be agreed upon by the parents or determined by a judge. When parents cannot agree on the custody of their children, that issue becomes contested and can turn a seemingly uncontested divorce into a tense, emotional contested divorce.

Child Custody Disputes and Visitation